"attract more visitors to your website"

Potential customers find businesses (like yours) through the search engines. A targeted and effective SEO campaign ensures that your website is always visible and at the top of the search results, maximizing your website traffic, sales and customers. We will make sure your site is well optimized and technically on point, so your customers will find you across all devices – desktop, tablet and mobile.


We will get you found online

There are hundreds of factors that search engines use to determine a website’s ranking in search engines. At Cuecess Digital Marketing Agency Kashmir, it’s our mission to generate the most effective search engine results for our clients. Our team of SEO consultants and website designers have years of experience in best-practice search engine optimisation and monitor the latest search engine developments and trends. We work only with white-hat (valid) SEO techniques to build long-term search engine rankings and have helped over 400 Kashmir based businesses and well known brands reach the top of the search engines.


Why SEO?


SEO is the most cost-effective method of generating sustainable traffic to your website. Unlike pay per click (PPC), where you need to pay to receive clicks and visitors to your website, SEO is completely free and lasts for the long-term. SEO is no easy task and is considered to be a long-term business strategy, however once right, it can have a lasting impact on your website traffic and business bottom-line. You should consult a best SEO Company before hiring one actually. 


Our SEO methodology


The underlying objective of SEO, is to identify key terms that your customers are searching for, and ensure your website contains, and is relevant to these keywords. Relevancy is effected by the quality of your website’s content and the number and quality of links that your website receives from other websites (backlinks). Every Cuecess website is built with SEO best-practices in mind. We offer professional copywriting to improve customers’ website content and our SEO team are experienced in finding the best backlinks for each individual business.


For onpage SEO only the best web design company can help you to optimize the URL as per the Google guide line. 



50 Basic Steps to Pass On Page SEO.


  1. Meta Title Test
  2. Meta Description Test
  3. Google Search Results Preview Test
  4. Most Common Keywords Test
  5. Keywords Usage Test
  6. Keywords Cloud Test
  7. Related Keywords Test
  8. Competitor Domains Test
  9. Heading Tags Test
  10. Robots.txt Test
  11. Sitemap Test
  12. SEO Friendly URL Test
  13. Image Alt Test
  14. Inline CSS Test
  15. Deprecated HTML Tags Test
  16. Google Analytics Test
  17. Favicon Test
  18. Backlinks Test
  19. JS Error Test
  20. Social Media Test
  21. HTML Page Size Test
  22. HTML Compression/GZIP Test
  23. Site Loading Speed Test
  24. Page Objects Test
  25. Page Cache Test (Server Side Caching)
  26. Flash Test
  27. CDN Usage Test
  28. Image Caching Test
  29. JavaScript Caching Test
  30. CSS Caching Test
  31. JavaScript Minification Test
  32. CSS Minification Test
  33. Nested Tables Test
  34. Frameset Test
  35. Doctype Test
  36. URL Redirects Test
  37. URL Canonicalization Test
  38. HTTPS Test
  39. Safe Browsing Test
  40. Server Signature Test
  41. Directory Browsing Test
  42. Plaintext Emails Test
  43. Media Query Responsive Test
  44. Mobile Snapshot Test
  45. Structured Data Test
  46. Noindex Tag Test
  47. Canonical Tag Test
  48. Nofollow Tag Test
  49. Disallow Directive Test
  50. SPF Records Test